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Motorcycle Missionary

Who is Jeff Stultz?

I remember someone using the word “character” in a description of me once. I asked if they were saying that I was a character or that I had character. They replied, “both”.

As I look back my life has been filled with twists and turns due to choices I’ve made, good and bad, that have all led me to where or who I am today.

Today I am a missionary to the US, national recovery leader, actor, author, and business owner. But the title that I’m most proud of is “Hope Dealer”!

I own a small remodeling company specializing in bathroom remodels and more specifically, accessible bathrooms. I have a great crew of men who get the work done as I travel around the country sharing the hope I’ve found with others. Read More of Jeff’s story.

I have family!

1 year ago

Being part of Celebrate Recovery and Broken Chains has given me a true family for the first time in my life. Jeff is the best brother anyone could ever hope for and his wife, Pamela is an amazing sister to have. They are leaders in recovery and restoration. Jeff’s book should be read by everyone. It has a message that could heal and give hope to so many. Just when I thought I had come to an acceptance that I would spend the second half of my life without family, there they were.

AnnaStiina Davenport

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Celebrate Recovery

jeff stultz celebrate recovery with dressed up woman image

Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered, 12 step recovery program for anyone struggling with hurt, pain, or addiction of any kind.

Celebrate Recovery is a safe place to find community and freedom from the issues that are controlling our life.

Jeff Stultz Actor

Jeff has many acting credits to his name, in one of his most recognizable roles he played a little league umpire in a Christian movie entitled “Home Run”. He has been in several independent movies and commercials as well as an appearance in the TV Show “It’s Supernatural” and an interview on the 700 Club.

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Broken Chains JC

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Broken Chains JC is a fellowship of Bikers who have found hope and healing in Jesus Christ through the ministry of Celebrate Recoveryhelping others to realize that change is possible.

Jeff Stultz Author

hope dealer author jeff stultz with jd inman cover image

Jeff’s first book, Hope Dealer, is a story of a life lost to darkness is miraculously restored by the grace and mercy of Jesus. Jeff Stultz was the personification of living for the devil. A motorcycle club president, a criminal, a drug dealer, and a drug addict, he ended up homeless on the streets. But Jesus found him, cleaned him up, and has restored his life through the ministry of Celebrate Recovery.

Stay tuned for more titles by Jeff.

Tile With Style Plus

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Jeff started Tile with Style Plus in 1999. He has been involved in the tile Industry since 1993. Tile with Style Plus is a full-service Tile Company offering ceramic tile, porcelain tile, and stone installation.

Jeff Stultz


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