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Who is Jeff?

I continue to do the estimates and invoices as I sit in hotel rooms as well as scheduling, communicating with the customers, and problem solving for my guys. We are a company that operates with integrity and we have literally hundreds of happy customers. We even travel the country to install tile in fast food restaurants because of our dependability to do quality work while meeting deadlines.

I’m an actor. This isn’t a dream of mine and I don’t aspire to become famous in this business. 

The truth is that God opened a door for me to become a working actor and He’s used me to fulfill His purposes through this opportunity. Acting is a tough business. A day player, which would be the title for an actor like me, on average books one out of ninety-nine auditions. That’s right, this could be terrible for your average person’s self-esteem. I can remember in the early days as an actor I would do an audition and then check my email every 30 minutes to see if I’d heard anything. The rule of thumb is to audition and forget about it. You see, they don’t let you know anything if you don’t book the role so it would be easy to go crazy waiting. I’ve found great comfort in realizing that I don’t have to book the role for God’s purpose to be fulfilled. I only need to walk through the doors and be available to be used. 

I’ve been able to comfort and encourage other actors, casting directors, agents, producers, and videographers. It’s always cool to see myself on tv but what’s even cooler is when God uses me to touch the life of someone I come in contact with. As far as I’m concerned, that makes me a success!

I’m an author. I thought for years since being saved and sober that I should write a book about my story. I was actually in acting classes with a woman who was a writer. When I asked her advice she told me that when a specific moment or story came to mind to write it down and put it in a file so that later, when I decided to write the book I could reference them. About 6 years later, as I was speaking at more and more churches. 

I was asked regularly, “where’s your stuff. We want to support your ministry by purchasing your stuff.” I had no stuff. I soon realized this was God prompting me to get the book done. 

During this time I had met another writer, JD Inman. I asked for his help and he agreed. We began by digging into my story deeper than I had ever told. Incorporated specific stories and moments (the woman in my acting class was right.) We added some messages I’ve preached and devotions I’ve written. Organized everything in what I’m told is an easy to read book called “Hope Dealer”.

I’m the founder and National Director of Broken Chains JC, a fellowship of bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts who have found hope and healing in Jesus Christ through the ministry of Celebrate Recovery, helping others to realize that change is possible. 

After 9 years of giving up the biker lifestyle, associating that lifestyle with all my bad behavior God told me it was ok to ride a motorcycle for Christ’s sake. I talked to a couple of other bikers about starting a Celebrate Recovery motorcycle group. 

I came up with the name Broken Chains JC. Our only requirement for membership is that you are committed to the ministry of Celebrate Recovery (CR) and your own, personal recovery. We weren’t an official part of CR at the time so I knew the only way to let people know was through social media and attending the CR conferences around the country.  

We began to grow and I noticed that people were constantly stopping our members and asking, “Broken Chains, what’s that all about?” Giving members an opportunity to share a little of their testimony, the hope they’d found, pray with folks, and invite them to Celebrate Recovery where they might find the same hope we’d found. As I realized how God was using our group for so much more than a group of like-minded believers he spoke to me through an acquaintance reminding me that if it was all about a motorcycle I had missed the point. I realized that the vest and patch were tools that God was using to draw people’s attention.  

I soon decided that you didn’t have to be a biker. We added non-riders who wear vests and patches and God uses them to drive questions which leads to conversations about the hope available in Jesus Christ for everyone. We’ve grown to around 5000 members in all 50 states and countries all around the world. We’re an army of Hope Dealers sharing the Good News with hopeless people everywhere we go.

I’m a missionary, a motorcycle missionary. Called to share a message of hope along the highways and interstates of the US.  

In November of 2016, I heard God tell me to hit the road. I told my wife and we decided to pray about it and not share this with anyone else until we knew it was God speaking to me. A couple of days later I rode up to Youngsville, NC to a small country church to share my story. As I finished the pastor of the church approached me and said, “Jeff, you’re a missionary, a motorcycle missionary and we’re a mission-minded church. I’d like you to come back and talk to my congregation about supporting you on a monthly basis.” When I told my wife we both agreed that God had answered our prayer for confirmation and I began making plans to get on the road.

The following year, 2017, I rode my motorcycle over 50,000 miles. I spoke at churches, schools, prisons, and events. Those were the places that I was invited to speak or share however I could see that God was using these places to get me on the road. But where He was using me in the most powerful way was along the path. 

I was meeting hopeless people at nearly every stop. At gas stations, restaurants, hotels, rest areas, motorcycle shops, and more. So many people crying out for hope and I was able to share with them the hope that’s available. It’s hard to even describe how God does it or the people I come in contact with. It’s like I’m always in just the right place at just the right time. In the years since I’ve continued to travel and God has continued to use me in incredible ways. I hope that one day soon I can devote myself completely to the mission.

I’m a husband, a father, and a grandfather. I have a beautiful Christian wife and she is truly the woman God made just for me. We’ve been married for 13 years. I have 2 stepchildren, a daughter, and 4 grandchildren. I love my family dearly and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be a Godly example in their lives. It can be difficult to balance all that I do in order to spend time with my family however I know that if it were not for my sobriety and salvation I wouldn’t have a family. As an addict in recovery service is the most important thing I can do. My family is understanding and proud of me. I know that one day God will give me all the time I crave with them and it will be for eternity.

Yes, my life is complicated. I’m extremely busy which can be stressful and difficult however I’ve come to realize that purpose is seldom easy but always worth it. I’ve learned that most people think they’re looking for happiness when in truth what they’re looking for is purpose. Through surrender, sacrifice, service, and sharing I’ve found my purpose. My life is satisfying. God’s purpose for me has been realized and is being fulfilled daily.

Jeff Stultz


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