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The last four years

In the last 4 years, I’ve ridden my motorcycle over 85,000 miles, flown and driven my truck many more. I’ve shared my story, taught, and preached at churches all over the country. I’m a Hope Dealer and God has used me in churches around the country to reach hurting people right in the pews who know Jesus but have not plugged into the power and freedom He came that we might have, John 10:10.

But where God uses me the most….is at the gas stations, restaurants, motorcycle shops, hotels, airports, and rest areas. There is a hopeless world out there and they are dying.

You cannot live without hope and people are looking for that hope in worldly things. Drugs, alcohol, sex, relationships, money, success, and the list goes on. But they come up lacking. The hope found in worldly things is temporary and only leaves you needing more and more until the frustration becomes more than many can bear. People have exchanged the Truth for a lie. It shows in record drug overdose deaths, around 270 every day in the United States. Suicide rates, over 130 people in the United States take their lives every day. God is using me to help people exchange lies for the Truth. Helping dying, hopeless people realize that change is possible, that healing is available, that hope is real.

I’ve come to realize you don’t have to fly over a mission field to get to a mission field. I’m a Motorcycle Missionary on the highways and backroads of the United States. Reaching people that would never trust a guy in a suit and tie. My motorcycle, long hair, tattoos, and earrings are all tools God uses to make me approachable, to legitimize my story about the hopelessness I’ve experienced and the hope I’ve found. I’m reaching people that others would never reach.

As my ministry continues to expand with invitations to travel to churches around the country. I’m hoping to be able to put aside my job, as the owner of a remodeling company, and become a full-time missionary. I also hope that in the future, as the support for my mission grows, I can sponsor other Motorcycle Missionaries to ride around the country to do what I do. To reach folks the church has hurt or left behind.

I am leaving the 99 to reach the 1. I’m just a beggar letting other beggars know where the bread is.

Jeff Stultz


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